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Manage your book of business with a great omnichannel enrollment experience and reduce administrative burden by empowering your customers.

With AEZ Benefits Value Chain, you can offer full-service capabilities for enrollment, billing, and reconciliation.

Benefits Technology for Brokers

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AEZ Enroll

With AEZ Enroll, you can set up cases in minutes, efficiently manage enrollment operations, and enhance the quality of service.

AEZ Bill & Pay

With AEZ Bill & Pay, you can provide premium accounting services for clients with automated billing, payroll integration, and e-Pay capability.

AEZ Recon

With AEZ Recon, you can deduct and manage exceptions through our intelligent reconciliation process, then easily make auto or manual adjustments.

AEZ Enroll

AEZ Benefits Enrollment Platform

Offer an omnichannel enrollment experience.

With AEZ Enroll, you can deliver a simple-to-use experience that your administrators, employers, and employees can easily navigate. You can offer a combination of the most appropriate enrollment channels based on your customers’ needs.


AEZ Enroll Online

AEZ Enroll Online is a guided self-enrollment platform designed for consumers, while also having a power-user experience that is designed for enrollers and call-center operations.


AEZ Enroll Offline

AEZ Enroll Offline, designed specifically for enrollers and to be used for enrollment sites with no Internet connectivity, is a Chrome Extension that delivers the same quality of experience as the Online enrollment mode.


AEZ Enroll Mobile

AEZ Enroll Mobile provides a native app experience on iOS and Android phones.

AEZ Bill & Pay

AEZ Bill and Pay

Provide premium accounting services to your clients.

With AEZ Bill & Pay, you can enhance your value to customers by offering integrated consolidated billing services and a consumer-friendly e-Pay option. We help improve your customer experience through the automation of many operational proceeses.

AEZ Bill & Pay can operate in two modes. You can also combine these two modes and decide for specific cases, at the Employer-group level, which mode to use.


    Native Mode

    Integrated with AEZ Enroll, this mode automates most adjustments through intelligent inferences while eliminating to integrate two different systems from two different vendors.


    Standalone Mode

    Works with a simple input data file from any third-party enrollment system, and operates your billing and collection services.

    For payments, AEZ Bill & Pay is fully integrated with Stripe, a major e-payment platform.

    AEZ Recon

    AEZ Reconciliation

    Adopt an intelligent reconciliation processs.

    With AEZ Recon, you can handle a three-way reconciliation of enrollment data among employer payroll, AEZ Enroll or any enrollment system of record, and insurance carrier policy data. You can avoid late payments from customers and unnecessary billing headaches.


    AEZ Recon allows you to match an employer’s actual payroll deductions and automatically finds mismatches. The platform provides you with a likely reason for the discrepancy and the ability to make adjustments instantly.


    AEZ Recon provides multiple methods to reconcile against actual deductions or carrier policy data including simple-to-use Excel uploads.

    Learn more about our success with a Washington state aerospace union.

    “I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

    Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

    Jeff Grim

    President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.