Everything a benefits platform should be.

With a comprehensive suite of flexible and scalable solutions, we’ve built the most efficient and intelligent benefits experience on the market.


Our true SaaS benefits platform can be operational instantly and deliver ROI within weeks for insurance carriers or brokers.

AEZ Cloud Platform for Benefits

Technology that enables success.

Our solutions were thoughtfully engineered to position each user in the benefits value chain for success.

agencyEZ is here to improve the way benefits are done for everyone.


Technology Solutions for Brokers

Our true SaaS platform for brokers delivers operational efficiency and facilitates revenue growth while ensuring all unique employer and employee needs can be met through flexible technology.


Technology Solutions for Insurance Carriers

Our next-generation platform helps drive revenue growth, deliver operational efficiency, and provide the necessary flexibility to solve emerging unique business challenges.

Confidently solve your challenges with a flexible benefits platform.

Tammy Weatherman - Vice President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

"I could not have asked for a better technology and enrollment partner. agencyEZ is our enrollment platform of choice going forward. agencyEZ sets the bar for other enrollment platforms."

Tammy Weatherman
Vice President of Operations
Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

See how we deliver our easy-to-use self-service enrollment experience.

Our cloud-based platform is configured to solve your specific needs.

With agencyEZ, you can be confident you’ve invested in forward-looking technology that provides the foundation you will need to thrive.

Our high-performing, scalable architecture was built with flexibility – and your successful future in mind.

Reduce Administrative Complexity in Benefits

Eliminate administrative burden.

Part of improving a cumbersome benefits ecosystem is through solutions that actually reduce administrative burden…

Solutions that integrate easily and don’t require you to have another login or account manager.

Our end-to-end solution delivers unparalleled efficiency and transparency for every stakeholder in the benefits value chain.

Our SaaS platform has been validated in complex & diverse environments.


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