About agencyEZ

In an industry where complexity and inefficiency are the norms, our advanced SaaS platform aims to simplify the benefits value chain.

Our solutions were designed to create significant administrative efficiencies and growth opportunities.

About agencyEZ Benefits Technology

Our journey to deliver a true benefits SaaS experience.

Our founder, Praby Ram, created agencyEZ after becoming a licensed broker to personally experience benefits industry pain points firsthand.

Combined with extensive experience commercializing health insurance exchanges, this expertise has set the foundation for a benefits technology transformation.

Meet our team at agencyEZ.

agencyEZ Founder & CEO Praby Ram

Prabhakar (Praby) Ram

Founder & CEO

Praby is an entrepreneur and innovator who is passionate about creating change in the benefits industry. Praby founded agencyEZ with a vision to transform benefits by building solutions that empower each stakeholder in this multi-party ecosystem.

He is the principal architect of agencyEZ’s core underlying engineering platform called HITF. HITF is engineered to achieve development productivity by 8-10x compared to most product engineering environments.

More on Praby

Prior to founding agencyEZ, he worked as SVP and Head of Products for hCentive, a VA-based startup that was acquired by Optum Health. While at hCentive, Praby helped grow the firm by 10x in a period of 3.5 years. Praby led the creation of public and private exchanges in the ACA market.

Earlier he worked in a number of firms such as Wipro Healthcare, Deloitte Consulting, CSC, and Converge and led functions such as product management, program delivery, healthcare IT strategy, and sales engineering.

Praby has a Beta Gamma Sigma MBA from Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the National Productivity Council in Delhi and the National Institute of Technology in Calicut, respectively.

Srividya (Sri) Ram

Director of Product Development

Sri is responsible for the development of our suite of application products using the HITF platform.

Prior to joining full-time at agencyEZ, she worked as a Senior Product Manager in Salesforce in the Commerce Cloud division. In her capacity, she was instrumental in ensuring a reliable and secured commerce platform served as their foundation.

Earlier she worked as an engineering lead in a number of firms – both startups and established firms – such as Pega Systems, Supply Scape, Nokia Communications, and Peritus Systems.

Sri has a B.S. Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University.

Validated in complex environments including serving a population of 60,000 EEs, our true SaaS benefits platform easily supports diverse use cases – providing you with unique opportunities to grow revenue.


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At agencyEZ, we aim to reimagine how to deliver efficiency and positive change to each stakeholder in the benefits value chain.

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