Make it easy to administer a large volume of benefits and changes for retailers.

With different classes of employees and the transient nature of retail jobs, a flexible benefits platform is imperative to running a benefits program that can help attract and retain talent.

Benefits Technology for Retail

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With employers in the retail industry having large full-time and part-time employee populations, it’s paramount that the benefits technology serving these populations support a broad range of diverse needs for the employer and its employees.

Manage eligibility scenarios accurately

Manage eligibility scenarios accurately.

Managing eligibility requirements across employee classes can get messy. In situations where hours worked per week may dictate plan access, frequent evaluation may cause employees to become ineligible for contributory plans while then making employee-paid voluntary plans available.

Retailers deal with thousands of hires and plan eligibility movements that impact payroll each time it’s run. The AEZ platform ensures eligibility movements are accounted for, while our payroll integration enforces accurate deductions.

Easily reconcile data across systems

Easily reconcile data across systems.

Having accurate data between benefits administration, HR, payroll, and carrier systems presents a huge challenge for all stakeholders involved. There are often sizable differences among the datasets, while it’s difficult to find discrepancies.

With AEZ Bill & Pay and AEZ Recon fully integrated, we can automate the flow of data leading to a more accurate and transparent dataset. It also delivers significant operational efficiencies by identifying data issues through AEZ Recon’s intelligent reconciliation process.

Create an approval workflow for life events

Create an approval workflow for life events.

When it comes to authorizing or rejecting an employee-submitted Qualifying Life Event, retailers may have policies in place that require an HR or insurance broker approval workflow.

AEZ Enroll can be customized to handle any scenario that may require additional oversight when an employee submits a request.

Provide tools to maximize participation

Provide tools to maximize participation.

Full-time, and especially part-time, retail employees are young and savvy with technology. This presents an opportunity to leverage mobile apps to deliver employee communications.

Benefits education is also critically important for employees, and AEZ provides the tools to help improve participation.

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“I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Jeff Grim

President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.