Handle the unique administration needs of higher education with confidence.

With faculty being paid on nine-month contracts and those contracts being renewed annually, the diversity of employment contracts in higher education demands extreme flexibility from a benefits solution.

Benefits Technology for Higher Education

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Align deductions while maintaining continuity

Align deductions while maintaining continuity.

For employees, benefits coverage must not be interrupted even with payroll deductions are only happening nine months out of the year, while the carrier is to be paid uniformly over 12 months to ensure continuity of coverage is maintained.

Brokers have the transparency needed to alert employers about the stop and start of payroll deductions. Within the AEZ platform, brokers can also easily align deductions with the contract period on the payroll side while maintaining continuity with carriers.

Easily reconcile data across systems

Easily reconcile data across systems.

Having accurate data between benefits administration, HR, payroll, and carrier systems present a huge challenge for all stakeholders involved. There are often sizable differences among the datasets, while it’s difficult to find discrepancies.

The AEZ platform fully integrates and automates the flow of data leading to accurate data. It also delivers significant operational efficiencies by identifying data issues through an intelligent reconciliation process.

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“I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Jeff Grim

President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.