Our flexible platform supports associations and unions with ease.

Associations and unions offer many benefits-related challenges due to the widely varying sizes of the employers and the diversity of their requirements.

Benefits Technology for Associations and Unions

Learn more about the key AEZ features that are perfect for associations and unions.

Serve diverse population needs with precision

Serve diverse population needs with precision.

For the benefits programs of associations and unions, there’s no shortage of incredibly specific individual requirements or breadth of products being offered.

Our platform is flexible enough to handle different needs at different locations – down to the ability to control effective dates based on location. We can also deliver different benefits products or riders to different classes of employees.

Offer the ability to pay via deduction or ACH

Offer the ability to pay via deduction or ACH.

You can reduce complexity in the payment process by ensuring the needs of each population can be met with little administrative burden.

Whether you have the need to deduct via payroll, handle ACH authorization, or offer a hybrid model, the AEZ platform provides all the options you need in an easy-to-use, self-service format that ensures your clients can have exactly what they need.

Find success regardless of census data status

Find success regardless of census data status.

In situations where there is a lack of census data, you can still offer self-service enrollment with the AEZ system being able to dynamically capture missing data relevant to the member.

Our platform also supports the ability to serve worksite benefits via SSO to an existing enrollment platform when there is sensitivity about sharing full census data.

Adopt technology that’s as dynamic as your needs

Adopt technology that’s as dynamic as your needs.

From employee branded self-service operations to contextualized instructions, we deliver a personalized experience that delivers the right information at the right moment.

You can also enforce complex compliance and pricing in relation to an enrolling member’s home state when individual policy contracts are channeled through the union chassis.

Learn more about our success with an aerospace union.

“I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Jeff Grim

President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.