Technology that delivers a competitive advantage.

Our SaaS benefits platform was designed to deliver a new level of efficiency and value to each stakeholder in the benefits value chain.

Value HSA to Employees
Why agencyEZ benefits technology

Here’s how you benefit from the agencyEZ approach.


The industry's first true SaaS platform

agencyEZ is not a service organization like other “benefits technology” providers. In its purest sense, the software IS the service.

Our inside-out approach guided us to build a platform that ensures each stakeholder in the benefits value chain is served as efficiently and impactfully as technology allows – all the way to the employee.

We’re proud to have built the only true SaaS platform in the benefits administration industry.


Built to solve for real-life scenarios

Our platform was designed to help solve the real-world challenges brokers and insurance carriers face on a daily basis.

AEZ Founder Praby Ram spent three years as a broker to intimately understand their issues in addition to his robust experiences with state exchanges.

Understanding the pain points across hundreds of complex scenarios provided the blueprint to develop a SaaS platform that is hyper-focused on allowing the technology to connect the dots and perform the heavy lifting.


Delivering ultimate flexibility and extensibility

We aim to solve all unique challenges the benefits industry faces through highly customizable technology.

Not only is it highly customizable but it’s also extensible.

With AEZ serving as the core platform, whether through direct access or integrations, you can mold the AEZ platform to ensure any circumstance you encounter can be navigated with confidence.

Why the agencyEZ Benefits Value Chain?

Our solutions have been crafted from decades of benefits industry experience.

Scalable Benefits Software


Our platform is ready to scale at a moment’s notice and will help you reach your business objectives.

Secure Benefits Software


Our platform uses the most modern and secure framework available in today’s market.

Flexible Benefits Software


Our platform was built to be self-service and handle complex business requirements with ease.

Lightweight Benefits Software


Our platform’s architecture allows for rapid deployment and stable scalability.

Hear from our customers about the value they get from AEZ.

See what we did for a 33,000 member union in collaboration with multiple stakeholder groups.

Eliminate Administrative Burden

Part of improving a cumbersome benefits ecosystem is through solutions that actually reduce administrative burden…

Solutions that integrate easily and don’t require you to have another login or account manager.

Our end-to-end solution delivers unparalleled efficiency and transparency for every stakeholder in the benefits value chain.


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Premium in 24 Hours

“This enrollment could have been a disaster, but because of AEZ and their team, we were able to pull it off. I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

Jeff Grim

President at EBS