You can thrive with a seamless enrollment experience.

With AEZ Enroll, you can set up cases in minutes, offer an omnichannel enrollment experience, and efficiently manage enrollment operations while enhancing the quality of your service to employers and employees.

AEZ Benefits Enrollment System

Offer an omnichannel enrollment experience.

AEZ Benefits Enrollment Platform

With AEZ Enroll, you can deliver a simple-to-use experience that administrators, employers, and employees can easily navigate. You can offer a combination of the most appropriate enrollment channels based on your customers’ needs.


AEZ Enroll Online

AEZ Enroll Online is a guided self-enrollment platform designed for consumers, while also having a power-user experience that is designed for enrollers and call-center operations.


AEZ Enroll Offline

AEZ Enroll Offline, designed specifically for enrollers and to be used for enrollment sites with no Internet connectivity, is a Chrome Extension that delivers the same quality of experience as the Online enrollment mode.


AEZ Enroll Mobile

AEZ Enroll Mobile provides a native app experience on iOS and Android phones.

Our guided Census Load provides flexibility, transparency, and confidence.

Here’s how we’re improving the case setup process.

In AEZ Enroll, we offer several options to load census data.


Via Excel

Directly upload the source census in any Excel format and our heuristic mapper will map the data and fine-tune the mapping.


Via Custom Template

Users can also upload data using a custom template that can be configured at various levels.



Easily move data to and from another system with AEZ Hub API. As an example, Workday HR is integrated with our Census API.

Other Key Benefits of AEZ Enroll


Get full transparency in the census process and quickly download and reprocess any data containing errors.


Census data and consumer registration requirements can be modified – even at the case level.


AEZ can automate eligibility changes, terminations, and new hire enrollment readiness as part of the census process.

Build new cases in minutes.

A case is automatically generated from AEZ Case Builder when transitioning a quote as a sold-case.

  • Or a sold-case can be created from a master library of plans and further refined.
  • Or a sold-case can be created through our Case Builder API from a different system.

From there, AEZ automates new case communications.

Other Key Benefits of AEZ Case Builder


Carrier-owned plans and rates cannot be changed by others. This ensures revenue does not leak.


A master library of plans can be maintained at a Carrier, MGA, or Broker Agency level.


An agency can be authorized to create a cross-carrier case on certain blanket contracts.

Make re-enrollments a breeze.

agencyEZ Re-enrollment

With AEZ Re-Enroll you can be live on-demand with the setup requiring no data preparation.


Administer with Flexibility

Our re-enrollment setup provides full flexibility with the offered products while being able to introduce or retire plans. You can also easily make changes to rates or effective dates.


Efficiently Create Re-Enrollments

Re-enrollment records are created on the fly for participants who are re-enrolling.


Stack and Override with Ease

Based on the benefits product, you can allow stacking up of policies year-over-year, or override prior policies in a re-enrollment setting.

Get full transparency into all carrier data files.

agencyEZ Carrier File Snaphot
agencyEZ Carrier File Audit

AEZ Enroll also has built-in auditors to detect data errors and will automatically escalate to AEZ support.


Downloading Carrier Files

You can download the carrier data files or open them in an adjacent browser (e.g. 834 or XML formats) where you can search using the browser’s Find function.


Analyzing the Data

In addition to a carrier-specific format, we generate an Excel file for an easier diagnosis of the problem with Excel providing data filtering and slicing ability.


Measuring Data Accuracy

AEZ’s built-in auditors measure the accuracy of the generated files both for formatting and key values such as premium and payroll deductions. If the audit fails, AEZ support is alerted.

Otherwise, the files are submitted to the carrier SFTP and a notification is sent to the necessary parties.

Get unprecedented visibility into enrollment performance.

agencyEZ Benefits Enrollment Data
agencyEZ Benefits Enrollment Data

AEZ Enroll delivers daily emails with enrollment statistics to all stakeholders including carrier sales, brokers, and employers.


Customize Your Data and Track Key Performance Indicators

Easily compare data across 15-plus dimensions such as day, enroller, product, location data, and more.

Identify your core KPIs and have them sent to you with an automatic daily email. You can easily see what happened yesterday against overall performance.

We aim for you to understand enrollee behavior and provide the communication tools to appropriately intervene in order to help maximize participation.


Send the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Population

By understanding exactly where enrollees are in the enrollment process, you can target them with the right message at the right time.

You can also organize enrollees in groups, download their contact information, and send targeted SMS or email messages to those specific groups.

Perform diagnostics with AEZ Dashboard’s data slicer.

AEZ Benefits Enrollment Statistics Dashboard

View Data Across Multiple Dimensions

AEZ Enroll allows you to view a number of key enrollment stats including:

  • Annual premium
  • Monthly premium
  • Enrolled employee count
  • Enrolled policy count
  • Unenrolled count
  • Eligible count
  • % of close-ratio

Refine Strategies to Improve Participation

AEZ Enroll’s data slicer and dicer allows you to view enrollment data in multiple dimensions, so you can understand the data diagnostically and refine your strategies.


Run Powerful Diagnostics by Comparing Dimensions

These statistics are available to view in incremental, on-demand dimensions.

As a user, you can lock down a specific dimension and review with a split or unsplit view of additional dimensions.

Learn more about our success with a Washington state aerospace union.

“I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Jeff Grim

President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.