Turn your billing and payment process into an operational advantage.

With AEZ Bill & Pay, you can solve your billing and payment challenges with a flexible, intelligent, and transparent solution.

AEZ Bill and Pay

Get the best of both billing worlds.

Standalone Billing for Carriers

AEZ Bill & Pay can accept data from any enrollment system and will successfully operate your billing and collection services.

Our software ensures billing accuracy by validating against policy data while intelligent reconciliations are performed automatically with issue resolution happening swiftly.

Consolidated Billing for Brokers

Consolidate multiple carrier bills or products into a single bill for your employers. For accounting teams, our bills are easy to read and understand.

AEZ Bill & Pay can also handle self-billing by generating and sending bills directly to your carriers. If any issue were to arise, our system can quickly deliver clarity. 


Transparency, efficiency, and simplicity

are at the core of AEZ Bill & Pay.

Fully transparent and easy-to-navigate user experience.

With your data safely in the billing environment, we offer a number of self-service, analyst-friendly formats that make investigation and issue resolution easier than ever before.

AEZ Bill & Pay’s automated tools make your job easier.

  • Pre-bill notifications: Make updates before bills are sent.
  • Bill scheduler: Send bills automatically when you prefer.
  • Post-bill notifications: Stay up-to-date on a bill’s status.

Our bills are easy to read and understand.

With AEZ Bill & Pay, you don’t have to be a billing expert to get the clarity you need about an adjustment reason. We provide the transparency accounting teams love.


Data Intake and Validations

AEZ Bill & Pay allows you to intake and validate any third-party data formats with ease.

Works with any BenTech or HR platform including established formats such as Selerix, Employee Navigator, and Workday, etc…

Implement robust business validations and error procedures to ensure bad data does not seep into your billing.

Our smart tools can handle sequential files and identify net changes. With full visibility into changes, issues can be acted on quickly.

We know validations are critical to your business.

AEZ Bill & Pay validates against your business rules and premium amounts on 3rd-party sources. Our powerful validators allow you to proactively mitigate revenue leaks.

Data integrity is paramount.

With a system designed for automation, checks and balances are critical to maintaining data integrity. Our built-in tools review files for accuracy to ensure that each bill produced is correct.

Intelligent Reconciliation

Detect and manage your deductions, adjustments, and data quality with our hyper-efficient process.

Every transaction detail is scrutinized while any issue can be easily examined and adjusted.

Our process automations deliver greater accuracy and save your staff hours of manual labor every week.

Repurpose staff time to value-added initiatives by eliminating tedious Excel work.

Payment Collection

Make it as easy as possible to get paid by offering a customer- and consumer-friendly payment option.

AEZ Bill & Pay is integrated with Stripe allowing for easy payment collection.

Not only is the bill payment process easy, but payments are also automatically pushed through Stripe to their final destination.

Payments captured via AEZ Bill & Pay can hit your designated accounts in near real-time.

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“I would highly recommend agencyEZ to any broker looking to get a leg up with their enrollment experience.”

Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Jeff Grim

President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Learn about our success with a Washington state aerospace union.