Take advantage of the industry’s most powerful API.

AEZ Hub API was developed from the AEZ Core Platform that is built with an API-First architecture.

While most API products are technical infrastructures, AEZ API is a business-oriented integration that allows you to contain leakages, improve state compliance and enhance adherence to eligibility rules, and enforce precision in pricing.

AEZ Hub API’s hub capability lets you view API transactions via our powerful benefits administration experience, AEZ Enroll. The Hub provides real-time visibility to your book of business across your distribution channels.

AEZ Business-Centered API for Insurance Carriers
AEZ API Case Setup

Automate your case setup.

AEZ Hub API allows you to reduce leakage and increase compliance by allowing you to publish and automate case setup in third-party benefits administration systems.

Automate case setup while integrating with your Quoting system or other sold-case data sources. Whether the enrollment system of record is AEZ Enroll or a different system, you easily manage case set up electronically.


Carriers can initiate electronic case creation from their Quoting and Sold-case system into the AEZ API Hub.


Carriers can allow a broker agency with a blanket contract to create a case electronically.


Carriers can use the AEZ API Hub to electronically set up the case in a target ben admin system used by the broker or employer such as a PlanSource or Employee Navigator.


Helps enforce Carrier’s compliance, eligibility rules, rating, and pricing accuracy.

Manage your library of plans.

With AEZ Hub API, you can automate plan updates and renewals in AEZ Enroll or third-party benefits administration systems while being able to maintain plans at multiple levels from a blanket group plan contract down to the case level.

Plan revisions such as renewal rates, or compliance updates can be easily refreshed to the target system to minimize leakage.


Carriers can electronically synchronize their library of plans or master plans into AEZ Hub API.


Carriers can update plan changes or renewals and publish those changes to third-party benefits administration systems through the AEZ Hub API.


Carriers can allow partners to download or retrieve plan information and renewal plans in a re-enrollment.


AEZ Hub API supports a variety of data formats for plans including third-party system formats, AEZ format in XML, JSON, or MS-Excel.

AEZ API Plan Library
AEZ API Census Data Calls

Synchronize census data.

AEZ Hub API allows employers to keep their census data synchronized in real-time with AEZ Enroll or third-party benefits administration systems.

Transactions such as employment termination or loss/gain of eligibility due to employment-related changes can automatically trigger a new hire or rehire enrollment process.


Invoke a single-employee create or change API as and when an employee is created or modified in the employer’s HR or payroll system. Alternately, the API can be used to send bulk changes daily or weekly.


The API can trigger a series of downstream benefits administration transactions including the preparation of the enrollment process.


The API client can invoke AEZ accounting API on the census transactions while providing clear visibility into the outcomes of the API calls so errors can be understood and corrective actions are taken.

Enable Single Sign-On.

AEZ Hub API enables seamless integration with third-party sites, such as a Union Member site, allowing Members to login to their Union site and go to AEZ Enroll without needing re-authentication.

Union members member can be created on the fly and offered the appropriate benefits products for their specific situation.


Enables easy Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.


Allows easy integration of Union Member Site with AEZ Enroll.


Allows on the fly creation of census and enroll readiness records.


Avoids unwanted pre-loading of large union census in AEZ ahead of enrollment.

AEZ API for Union Member SSO
AEZ API for Enrollments

Reduce leaks by improving enrollment precision.

AEZ Hub API can act as your enrollment intake and enforcer of your business rules – helping adhere to state compliance and eligibility and pricing rules.

It will reduce your current leakage across all third-party channels of distribution while providing visibility into your daily performance across your distribution.

With this insight, you take proactive measures during an active Open Enrollment.


Carriers can allow third-party systems to submit bulk enrollments at a  preferred frequency and enrollments can be validated at the AEZ Hub for:

  • State compliance
  • Eligibility and product-rule adherence
  • Correct pricing
  • Simplified Issue vs. Guaranteed Issue and the capture of answers for the right medical questions
  • Any found exception can be returned to the submitter for corrective action.

AEZ Hub API can intake enrollments related to new hires, late enrollees, Qualified Life events, and enforce appropriate rules.


Carriers can view those enrollments in the AEZ user experience for administrators even though they were not enrolled via AEZ Enroll.


Carriers can easily see real-time enrollment analytics.

Provide visibility into the status of EOI submissions.

AEZ Hub API can act as an API proxy to your proprietary EOI system, or if using AEZ Enroll’s built-in inline EOI Review and Approval capability, AEZ API can provide the status of the EOI submissions, including any re-pricing as applicable.

Third-party systems can use the API to know the status of EOI and make any payroll adjustments as necessary.


With this API, carriers can update the EOI status of enrollments that are pending review and approval.


Partner systems can use it to inquire about the status of the EOI submission and get information on approved amounts, effective dates, and more.

AEZ API - Payroll Calls

Integrate with employer payroll.

Employers can use AEZ Hub API to obtain payroll deductions changes such as start-stop deductions or changed deduction amounts while easily integrating with their payroll systems. Alternatively, a payroll deduction snapshot can be downloaded.

For an employer or partner system, payroll deductions can be obtained integrated with their payroll.

Receive electronic billing data.

With AEZ Hub API, the data associated with a single- or cross-carrier consolidated bill can be retrieved and integrated with a third-party benefits administration system for purposes of reconciliation.

Employer or partner systems can get a single-carrier bill or cross-carrier consolidated bill.

AEZ API for Billing
Benefits Administration Changes with AEZ API

Enable benefits administration changes electronically.

Employers or brokers must often depend on a carrier’s employer portal to make manual benefits administration changes such as with new hires, late enrollments, qualifying life events, changes in address, contact and beneficiary information updates, policy cancellations, or employment terminations.

These types of changes can be electronically integrated through AEZ Hub API directly from the third-party benefits administration systems. This saves significant administration time – completely bypassing more error-prone manual data entry.

Employer or partner systems can electronically submit change transactions accumulated in their cross-carrier benefits administration systems as often as necessary.

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Jeff Grim - President, Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.

Jeff Grim

President at Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.